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Dhanmondi lake park

Dhanmondi lake  is located in the Dhanmondi  area in  Dhaka of Bangladesh. Here are some amazing photos of this beautiful lake and park. A l...

Dhanmondi lake is located in the Dhanmondi area in Dhaka of Bangladesh. Here are some amazing photos of this beautiful lake and park.

A lost channel of the old Karwan Bazar River has become this lake. Once upon a time, this lake was connected to the river Turag. It is partially connected with the Begunbari Canal.

Dhanmondi lake view
Dhanmondi lake view

Dhanmondi lake park

Dhanmondi lake park area was manifested as a residential area in 1956. This lake area is amazing to see and better for relaxing. This area gives a lot of refreshment and pleasure. Many people from various areas come here for walking and exercising in the morning and evening.

dhanmondi lake
Dhanmondi lake

This lake is one of the beautiful places in Dhaka city. There are various plants in this lake. People love to come here to visit, especially in the afternoon time. In the afternoon at Dhanmondi Lake, the students chatted at the end of class. Some little kids sell flowers. By selling flowers they are leading their life. 

Dhanmondi lake photo
Dhanmondi lake photo

Various ceremonies are often held at Rabindra Sarobar. Adjacent to this lake is the house of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great leader of the liberation of the Bengali nation. Whenever anyone goes here, he remembers the history read in the book. It is associated with the independence of Bangladesh.

Like this lake, I have picked some lovely pictures of Diabari lake.

Many days I have not been to the Dhanmondi area. I remember the days of hanging out with friends. I am waiting for everything to be as normal as life's previous times. I want to go around the whole lake like before.

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Environmental pollution of various lakes in Dhaka has increased a lot nowadays. Now everyone has to take steps to maintain this beautiful place. The beauty of the lake has been ruined by dumping dirt on the lake.

We visit this lake. But sometimes we are polluting the lake unknowingly or intentionally. We have to be serious about this issue. Only if we are ok with our commitment then we can keep it clean.

  • Dirt should be dumped at specific places.
  • Nothing can be thrown into the water.
  • If anyone of us finds dirt in front of us we will remove it immediately. We can not leave these for anyone else. Because one day this may become harder than the present.