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10 best science and nature websites for students

10 best science and nature websites for students . From where they can know different areas of science and nature.  These are informative b...

10 best science and nature websites for students. From where they can know different areas of science and nature. 

These are informative by giving different nature news and updates of science. So, these nature websites for students will play a vital role in their learning.

Science and nature websites for students

Science and nature websites for students
Science and nature websites for students

Popular Science


Popular Science is a website from where you will know about Awe-inspiring science reporting, technology news, and DIY projects. Skunks to space robots, primates to climates, etc. 



This was published first in 1869. This is the leading multidisciplinary science journaling in the world. Nature website publishes the best peer-reviewed research. Those drive ground-breaking discovery. Those are read by thought leaders and decision-makers everywhere in the world.

Scientific American


Scientific American website is an essential online guide for the most awe-inspiring advances from science and technology. They try to explain how they can change our understanding of the universe and also shape our lives.


You will get the latest space exploration, innovation, and astronomy news from them. They celebrate humanity's ongoing expansion across the final frontier.



This is one of the leading resources for technical, 
scientific, and medical fields for research in the world. ScienceDirect are exploring different journals, books, and articles, etc.



ScienceDaily publishes various latest science news updates, articles. Their website based on various natural topics like the effects of global warming, stem cells, bird flu, autism, extrasolar planets, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, evolution.

Also, some of the latest discoveries from astronomy, climate, environment, computers, engineering, health, medicine, math, physics, anthropology, biology, chemistry,  psychology, technology, and many more from the world's leading universities and research-related organizations. It can be said they are like a package for science.



Live Science is a website that features various groundbreaking developments. They discover and share articles based on science, space, different technologies, health issues,  natural environment problems and changes,  various cultures in different areas of the world, and history of different times, etc.



You can watch your favorite Discovery Channel. They show and find various bonus content based on different areas. Things like science, technology, nature, and more at are their main focus. You may already know about this site. 


Address: brings you the latest wonder images, videos, and news from the American space agency. You will get the latest updates on NASA missions. If you watch NASA TV live you can learn about their quest. Also, you can reveal all of humankind's unknown and benefits from this.



HowStuffWorks website shares a lot of topics. For example,  the flu to black holes to conspiracy theories along with video and illustrations. So you can learn how everything works.

So, these are some science and nature websites for students and also for researchers.