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Lawachara national park tour | Sreemangal Tour

Lawachara national park tour story. Rain forest resort amazing 10 images with the resort entry ticket, parking, and other fees information....

Lawachara national park tour story. Rain forest resort amazing 10 images with the resort entry ticket, parking, and other fees information.

Lawachara national park tour
Lawachara national park tour

Lawachara national park tour

Lawachara national park tour was our one of the best one in 2021. After traveling to Satchhari National Park, we decided that we will visit this beautiful resort. It is a very quiet forest.

Lawachara national park location

It is located in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district in Bangladesh's Sylhet division. Kamalganj is nearer to Srimangal town. This place is very beautiful. Where you will find various forest animals. Also various types of plants you will find in the beauty of nature. Some of these are very rare.

Fees for entry tickets, parking, and other cases

  • Per adult - 50 TAKA
  • Minors - 20 TAKA per person
  • For foreigners - 500 TAKA per person
  • The shooting fee is 6900 TAKA
  • Picnic - 12 TAKA per person
  • Small Car parking 28 TAKA
  • Big Car parking 105 TAKA

Lawachara national park Important information

  • Area: 1250 hectares
  • Declared as a National Park: In 1997
  • Important animals: Western hoolock gibbon
  • Some other animals are there. For example, Phayre's Leaf Monkey, Capped Langur, Red-headed Trogon, Burmese Python. But the number of animals is decreasing day by day.
  • Biodiversity: Approximately amphibians 15 species, 52 reptiles species, 260 bird species, and mammals 50 species.

Lawachara national park tourism support facilities

  • Visitor interpretation center
  • Walking trails
  • Toilet
  • Picnic spot
  • Student dormitory and lake
  • Trained and authorized eco-guides


Collaborative management system science 2005 between the Department of  Forest, something around 30 surrounding villages, and other local stakeholders.

This is provided to Lawachara Co-Management Council and Committee. A joint patrol team works alongside the forest department in forest conservation.

Entry fees are given to both of the Co-Management Committee which they use for community welfare and visitors services in various ways in this park.

Lawachara national park tour story

From the Tea Daughter Monument in Satgaon, we went straight to the town of Srimangal. There we had seven layers of tea. Then we set off for Lawachara.

Lawachara forest
Lawachara forest

However, many people came to visit. You will find the overall location signboard near the entrance gate of the park.

Lawachara park
Lawachara park

After entering t, he park w that a few little monkeys playing with each other, a child monkey with its mom, etc. Some people were eating nuts and also letting the monkeys eat. Some were giving poses while taking photographs. 

We went deeper inside of the park and found various large sized trees on both sides of the road. There are a big collection of many trees of rare species. One thing to say especially we saw numerous bamboo plantations. A special species of bamboo is known as "Jai bamboo" is larger in size and looks different.

About Lawachara national park
About Lawachara national park

After going more,e ahead we found that cring of a railway line inside th which is still very famous. Many people were taking pictures there. Many people from various areas come here to see this rail line. I had a dream a long time ago. I wanted to go to a place where is a rail crossing in the forest. My dream has come true.

আমার আছে জল লাউয়াছড়া
আমার আছে জল লাউয়াছড়া

I saw a signboard next to it. A film by the late famous writer, film, and drama director Humayun Ahmed Sir's "Amar Ache Jol" was shot here in 2006. The production company was Impress Telefilm Limited. Besides, once upon a time, a few parts of an English film were being shooted here. The name of that film is "Around the world in 80 days".

After that, we didn't go far. Because we wanted to visit Baikka Beel in the afternoon. From there we went back to town. After lunch, we left for our next destination.

Lawachara national park more 5 pictures

Lawachara forest and resort
Lawachara forest and resort

Lawachara national park composition
Lawachara national park composition

Lawachara national park
Lawachara national park

Sun coming through trees in Lawachara
Sun coming through trees in Lawachara