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Madhabkunda waterfall and eco-park

Madhabkunda travel story, and beautiful waterfall images with information. This eco-park is also known as The land of the Waterfall  queen. ...

Madhabkunda travel story, and beautiful waterfall images with information. This eco-park is also known as The land of the Waterfall queen. We went there directly from Mathiura tea garden in Moulvibazar.

Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park
Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park

Madhabkunda waterfall and eco-park

Madhabkunda waterfall and eco-park are visited by many visitors. Especially in the rainy season. More water falls from the waterfall during the rainy season.

Madhabkunda waterfall location

Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park (মাধবকুন্ড জলপ্রপাত) are situated at Madhabkunda Water Fall Road. Madhabkunda area is in Barlekha Upazila of the Moulvibazar district in the Sylhet division of Bangladesh.

Madhabkunda Waterfall important facts

Madhabkunda Waterfall is also known as the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. The former name of Patharia hill is Adam Ail Mountain. It consists of solid rock.

The water of this spring flows westwards and merges with Hakaluki Haor. A cave has been created on a rock on the right side of Madhabkund. The local name of the cave is Kab. The cub looks a lot like a hut.

Madhabkunda Waterfall travel story

Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park travel story

The road from Kulaura-Barlekha to Madhabkund has gone to the right. The road is hilly. Occasionally tea gardens can be seen on both sides. After traveling for about 40 minutes along this road, we reached Madhabkunda.

As soon as we got down, we saw the entrance gate. Upon entering, we saw a camp of the tourist police. We moved further forward. 
Looking down from this hilly region, one can see many settlements. This scene looked so beautiful.

Madhabkunda Eco-park

It felt so good to walk along the side of the hill. 

Madhabkunda Eco-park travel

Next, I saw a tourist restaurant in Madhabkund. There was a restroom.

Madhabkunda Tourism Restaurant Project

A little further on, there is another tourist restaurant on the right.

Welcome to the land of the fountain queen

The place where the spring water flowed was very dry. In the rainy season, which is in the water and the sound of water falling from the fountain can be heard from a distance. After walking a long way, we finally got to see that fountain.

Many visitors came to visit there. Although winter, many of them still bathed in the spring water there. They were taking pictures in different ways. Many professional photographers were also working then.

I have collected some pictures of the fountain there. You can take a look.

Madhabkunda Waterfall pictures

Madhabkunda waterfall image

Madhabkunda waterfall


Madhabkunda waterfall with eco-park

Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park travel

During the rainy season, these rocks stay underwater. I stayed there for a while and left some videos and pictures. Then, we went back to the entrance. We freshened up at a resthouse outside the entrance.

There were some clothes shops on the opposite side. In those shops, Triber made cloth is available. Although, it is doubtful whether those are real or fake. Still, we bought some clothes from there.

Finally, we got in the car and left for Dhaka. This is how our travel story of 
Habiganj and Moulvibazar of Sylhet ended after visiting Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park. We had a lot of fun visiting all of these amazing places.