Beautiful Aftabnagar Kans Grass fields | Autumn Kans Flower 2022

It is important to take a break from a busy life. Inside Dhaka, visiting the Aftabnagar Kans Grass fields can be a good option in the autumn season.

Aftabnagar Kans Grass fields

Kans Grass fields are our natural resource. Under the wide blue sky in autumn, Kans Grass Field creates amazing beauty. Kans Grass is seen in late August and early October each year. They grow on river banks or sand bars. They do not grow in waterlogged areas.

Aftabnagar Kans Grass fields

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There are wonderful descriptions of Kans Flower and Kans Grass field in Bengali literature. Our minds are cleansed by its beauty.

Earlier, at the beginning of 2021, we saw Kans Grass flowers at Baikka Bill.

Beautiful Kans Grass fields images

Beautiful Kans Grass fields video


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