Wonderful Maynamati Shalban Bihar information 2022

Maynamati Shalban Bihar is a wonderful archaeological place. We have shared some images of this place with some facts. Shalban Bihar Location It is located in Comilla District. It takes around 3 hours to reach there from Dhaka City. From Station Road, Comilla its distance is around 9.9 KM. It is situated 850 meters away … Read more

Village agricultural land 6 beautiful Pictures

Here are 6 beautiful pictures of the village’s agricultural land. The pictures were taken from my village area. Village agricultural land These village agriculture land nature pictures were taken by using the Samsung J7 Max smartphone. These are pictures from a few months ago. At present, the paddy of this land has grown. Take a look at … Read more

Amazing Bamboo made rural bridge images 2022

A few pictures of an Amazing Bamboo made rural bridge in Bangladesh. It was afternoon. The pictures were taken just before sunset in the afternoon. This is one of the village beauty in Bangladesh. The domestic animals were returning home before sunset. There was not much water in the canal during winter. Bamboo made rural bridge