Amazing Bamboo made rural bridge images 2022

A few pictures of an Amazing Bamboo made rural bridge in Bangladesh. It was afternoon. The pictures were taken just before sunset in the afternoon. This is one of the village beauty in Bangladesh. The domestic animals were returning home before sunset. There was not much water in the canal during winter. Bamboo made rural bridge

Bloody Super moon, lunar eclipse 2022

Bloody Super moon and lunar eclipse are discussed here. That day was a bit different from other days. Because today two rare cosmic events have happened at the same time. Today has been the first full moon lunar eclipse of this year. Also seen the Super moon and Super Blood Moon. Both are rarely seen … Read more

Natural disaster causes | Ways to keep the environment clean

Know Natural disaster causes. Common natural disasters are earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and drought. Also, the ways to keep the environment clean. When the environment changes it’s improperly by itself or by human activities. Deforestation, automobile pollution, and bomb blasting, etc are the reasons for natural disasters directly or indirectly. Natural disaster causes Earthquake An earthquake … Read more

Critical Greenhouse effects 2022

The greenhouse effect is a reason for increasing the temperature of the world. Our climate is changing. Temperatures, in general, are increasing. Because of the greenhouse effect on the planet, sea levels are rising.  The ice is melting at the North and South Poles. The greenhouse effect is one of the reasons. But what is this? At first, … Read more