Amazing Baikka Beel Permanent Fish Sanctuary tour tips 2022

Baikka Beel Permanent Fish sanctuary beautiful pictures with some important facts. In this wetland fish sanctuary, you will also see many rare birds.

The local fishing community and fishery office are managing it with the assistance of the local administration. It’s a CBFM approach.

Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary

In winter at Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary the guest birds arrive. It creates an amazing scene that unfolds in the resort. Especially in the afternoon, it looks amazing. Below I have provided some important information about this amazing place. After that, I have shared our travel story with some beautiful scenery images. Before that please watch this amazing video of Baikka Beel.

Baikka Beel location

It is located at the east of Hail Haor of Srimangal in the Moulvibazar district.

বাইক্কা বিল শ্রীমঙ্গল

Baikka Beel wetland fish sanctuary history in short

In 2003, this area was declared as Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary on 100 acres of land in Jethua and Sananda Beels. Since then, it has become a good habitat for fish and birds. The number of visitors here increases during the winter. A variety of birds come here far away from various areas. Numerous birds can be seen through binoculars. For example,

  • Cormorant
  • Western swamphen
  • Common pochard
  • Fulvous Whistling Duck
  • Ruddy Shelduck
  • Cotton pygmy goose

Officials there said that the number of birds is likely to be higher in 2021 than at any other time. They further said that the houses adjoining here are a problem for this Beel. It is important to take action now to protect the beauty of nature. It can be started by relocating residents nearby.

You will be fascinated by the chirping of different types of birds here. They fly in groups. Jumps into the water and floats. All in all, in Moulvibazar this is a green area of exceptional beauty. This place is crowded with visitors every day. They come to see the beauty of Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary. Visitors from far and wide come to hear the melodious melody of the innumerable guest birds. You can see the birds from the binoculars of the management there.

But everyone is upset about the underdeveloped communication system. Yet they prefer to see this beauty of nature. After the trip, I got to know some of the demands of everyone. They want,

  • Enhancing the beauty of the Beel
  • Improving transportation
  • Increase the size of the Beel

This beautiful Beel needs to be properly upgraded. Then it will be transformed into a good tourist destination. The government can get a lot of revenue from here.

Baikka Beel tour tips

  • Baikka Beel Permanent Fish Sanctuary entry fee is 30 BDT per person.
  • You can stay at Baikka Bill from 6 AM to 5 PM.
  • Winter is the best time to travel here.
  • The best time to stay at Baikka Bill is from 3PM to 5PM during the day.

Everyone thinks the winter season is the best time to travel there. There are many plants in the place. Autumn seasons Kan’s grasses have increased the beauty of the beel.

Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary travel story

At the end of the tour of Lawachara National Park, we returned to Srimangal town around noon. After lunch there we set off.

The road there was not very good. The roads were narrow and the bridges were dangerous. A road where two cars cannot go side by side. Overtaking is a matter of risk. I was going and taking pictures of beauty. All in all, I made an overall video.

After a journey of about 40 minutes, we reached finally Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary. I went down there and saw the afternoon sun. There were some messages, which were written on a poster in front to make everyone aware.

Entering through the entrance, we found out various things about this Beel. I took pictures of the surroundings for a while there. Then we moved forward and reached the Watch Tower. From there, everyone can see the birds through binoculars.

On the way to the Watch Tower, we saw some beautiful scenery. Lots of beautiful trees and bushes on either side of the way. And, there were Kan’s grasses on the side of the Beel that added to the beauty. We climbed the stairs to the top of the Watch Tower. From there, I saw different birds with binoculars. I took some pictures of the sun and nature seen from there. Many visitors came to see. 

About evening we left this area and headed towards the town of Srimangal. We stopped the car at Srimangal and bought some tea leaves. On the same day, we were supposed to go to see the waterfall of Madhabkunda. But as it was getting late that evening, we decided to go the next morning.

So we set off for Moulvibazar city. I decided to spend the night there. We decided to go out very early the next morning. But on the way, we stayed for some time in the Mathiura tea garden.

Baikka Beel beautiful scenery images

Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary tour
বাইক্কা বিল
বাইক্কা বিল ভ্রমণ
Amazing nature from Baikka Beel
Baikka Beel resort
Baikka Beel
Baikka Beel
Kans grasses at Baikka Beel
Baikka Beel walkway
Baikka Beel Srimangal
Baikka Beel watch tower


In conclusion, it can be said the beauty of Baikka Beel permanent fish sanctuary still survives. The government should pay attention to its maintenance and development. And visitors should help the authorities to keep the environment clean. It will be possible only if they are aware.


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