Bloody Super moon, lunar eclipse 2022

Bloody Super moon and lunar eclipse are discussed here. That day was a bit different from other days. Because today two rare cosmic events have happened at the same time.

Today has been the first full moon lunar eclipse of this year. Also seen the Super moon and Super Blood Moon. Both are rarely seen at the same time.

The red crescent moon was also seen with that. Many may be wondering, how can Super moon and Super Blood Moon be seen at the same time? Before that now know some facts about the lunar eclipse.

Bloody Super moon

Bloody Super moon and lunar eclipse

The earth revolves around the sun. And the moon revolves around the earth. In this way, it keeps revolving in its orbit. The full moon is when the earth moves between the moon and the sun.

And during the full moon, if the sun, the moon, the earth are in the same straight line, then the shadow of the earth falls on the moon. That is, the moon falls into the shadowy corner of the earth. It can be partial or complete. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the moon partially penetrates the Earth’s shadow. And when the moon is completely in the corner of the shadow, a full lunar eclipse occurs. And when a shadow penetrates a full moon, a total lunar eclipse occurs.

According to scientists, the moon moves closer to the earth. As a result, the moon appears to be about 12 percent larger than normal. Moon will become super.

Now find out some information about Super moon and Bloody Super moon.

Super moon and Bloody Super moon

Super moon

The way the moon revolves around the earth is oval. As a result, the moon revolves around the earth, sometimes moving closer and sometimes farther away. Once upon a time, the moon moved closer to the highest of the earth. Then the moon looks much bigger and brighter. In the language of astronomy, it is called perigee. The moon comes closest to the moon is seen to be the largest. This phenomenon is called the Super moon.

Bloody Super moon

When a total lunar eclipse occurs, a red aurora moon is seen. This is called Blood Moon. It looks like the moon is red. There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

During the full eclipse, sunlight does not fall on the moon. The moon is completely covered by the shadow of the earth. But sunlight falls on the Earth’s atmosphere.

We know that the white light of the sun has seven colors. Of these, purple and blue have shorter wavelengths. This is why the light rays of these two colors are more diffused in the atmosphere. As a result, the light of this color spreads more around.

On the other hand, the wavelength of red and orange light is longer. So these are less diffused in the Earth’s atmosphere. And, because of that, these cannot spread too much in the atmosphere. Then the reflection of those two colored light rays in the atmosphere takes place.

This refraction causes the light to bend slightly and fall on the moon. So, it seems that the moon has a red glow. And this moon is called Blood Moon. And if this happens at a time when the moon is very close to the earth, that is, the super moon, then it is called the super bloody moon. The big and bright moon, whose color is red like red blood.

Where was Blood Moon seen in 2021?

These three cosmic phenomena have been observed together from Southeast Asia, Australia, Oceania, Alaska, Canada, most of the United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Central, and South America. Some of the northeastern states of India have seen some full-fledged super blood. Also seen in some areas of West Bengal. And also seen, from Orissa and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


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