Cox’s Bazar sea beach | Cox’s Bazar 15+ important facts

More than 15 important facts about Cox’s Bazar sea beach. Here is detailed information on this famous natural pattern of the world’s longest natural sea beach. It is a beautiful sea beach where anyone wants to visit again and again.

If you are planning to travel to Cox’s Bazar by private car, it would be better to visit Patenga Beach first. Because you have to go through Chittagong, so you should not miss this opportunity.

On the first day, you will visit Patenga Beach in Chittagong and stay at any hotel or resort there at night. The next morning after seeing the sea of Patenga, leave for Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. Then you can enjoy the tour.

Read a few important facts about Patenga sea beach and a List of the 10 best Patenga sea beach nearby hotels.

I along with my family had the opportunity to visit here only once. Before visiting Cox’s Bazar Sea beach we have visited Patenga beach in Chittagong.

After a long break in 2016, we went to tour Kuakata Sea Beach. Kuakata is also beautiful, but to me, Cox’s Bazar’s beach seemed the most interesting.

I want to go there again and see the beauty of nature for some time. Because I want to re-experience that journey in a new way.

Note: Every year many foreign and local tourists see that this place to spend their leisure in Inani Beach at Cox’s Bazar.

The landing station of the submarine cable that connects Bangladesh to the rest of the world is located at Cox’s Bazar.

See pictures of different places of Cox’s Bazar beach separately.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach

Cox’s Bazar sea beach in Bangladesh is a world-famous natural pattern. It is a 120 km long beach. Its natural beauty is unique to travelers around the world.

Here geographical features are amazing to watch. The unique natural diversity like Cox’s Bazar is not seen anywhere else in the world.

Cox’s Bazar naming history

In the past, the Cox’s Bazar sea beach and its near area were known as Panoa. It means yellow flower. Besides, this area was known as Palangki.

From the beginning of the ninth century until 1818, a large part of Chittagong, including Cox’s Bazar, belonged to the state of Arakan. The Mughals later took control of the region.

Shah Shuja, the second son of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, was fascinated by the beauty of Cox’s Bazar on his way to Arakan on a mountain road.

He made a stopover at Durhajra in the Chakaria area of Cox’s Bazar with one thousand palanquins in his caravan. Durhajra means a thousand couches.

After the Mughals, the Portuguese occupied Cox’s Bazar. And then occupied by the British. The British are behind the change of name from Palangki to Cox’s Bazar.

After 1773, the British East India Company appointed an officer named Captain Hiram Cox as the director-general of the couch.

Captain Hiram Cox played a key role in resolving the thousand-year-old conflict between Arakan and Rakhine.

A market was established in 1899 to commemorate the contribution of Captain Hiram Cox after his death. It was named Cox Saheber Bazaar.

From there the area began to expand. A police station was established here in 1854.

In 1869 the area was upgraded to a municipality. Since then this area has been known as Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach location

Cox’s Bazar is a famous city in the southeastern region of Bangladesh. The beach stretches from this city to Badarmokam in Teknaf. Varieties of amazing things are seen in this long beach area.

This place is the most famous and popular beach for enjoying the boundless beauty of the Bay of Bengal. On the shores of this beach are the hills and the splendor of Tamarisk.

How to go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Sea beach?

There are many ways to go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by bus

Traveling from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by road is the most popular and affordable. Cox’s Bazar is home to some of the most luxurious buses in Bangladesh, starting from standard buses.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by airlines

To avoid the fatigue of the long road, many people want to go by air again. Some domestic flights of domestic airlines operate regularly between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar.

In that case, you can go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka in just forty minutes. However, the management of Cox’s Bazar’s airport is very poor.

Such mismanagement of the country’s top popular and world’s longest beach airport is unacceptable.

However, the renovation work of this airport is going on. At Cox’s Bazar Airport, small aircraft of Biman Bangladesh, US Bangla, Novo Air, and a few cargo companies take off and land daily. At present, the runway length of the airport is 9000 feet.

However, the runway is being expanded to 10,700 feet to convert it into an international airport. Then it will be the longest runway airport in the country. Of this, 1300 feet will be in the sea. The aircraft will prepare to land just above the seawater. Cox’s Bazar Airport is expected to be one of the most scenic airports in the world.

As a result, everyone thinks that the country’s economy will change radically. The apparent cost of constructing the runway at sea has been estimated at Tk 1,569 crore.

Upcoming rail connectivity

There are also plans to establish rail connectivity to this popular destination in the country. After 2022, a direct rail link from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is likely to start.

This will make it easier to travel to Cox’s Bazar beach from far away places of the country.

Hotels near Cox’s Bazar sea beach

There are many hotels in Cox’s Bazar’s Sagarpara, Hotelmotelzone, Saikatpara and Marine Drive.

From standard hotels to five-star hotels, rooms ranging from BDT 500 to BDT 50,000 are available for overnight stays.

It is very difficult to get seats in hotels during the tourist season. Ordinary hotels also have to be rented at high prices.

10 best places to visit in Cox’s Bazar sea beach and its nearby places

  1. Mermaid Beach Resorts and Marine Drive
  2. Radiant Fish World
  3. Buddhist temple, Ramu
  4. Maheshkhali Island
  5. Saint Martin
  6. Chera Island
  7. Inani Beach
  8. Sonadia Island
  9. Himchhari waterfalls, hills, and beaches
  10. Cox’s Bazar sea beach

The Marine Drive road from Cox’s Bazar sea beach to Teknaf

The Marine Drive road from Cox’s Bazar sea beach to Teknaf is one of the tourist attractions in the region. The length of the Marine Drive road is about eighty kilometers.

On this road, you can see the sea from almost any vehicle. On the way to Marine Drive, you will see many small waterfalls.

Himchhari beach

Himchhari beach is located 12 km away from Cox’s Bazar city along Marine Drive road. This place is very popular among the tourists because of the wonderful combination of hills and roads.

Inani beach

There is an attractive Inani beach about 20 km from Cox’s Bazar. Inani Beach is rich in coral and rocks. St.

Martin has a lot in common with this region. Inani is less crowded than Cox’s Bazar, so you can spend some time alone in a secluded environment.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach and surrounding area markets

There is nothing to enjoy on the beach at night, even if it is accompanied by the waves of the sea during the day.

So when it comes to the beach at night, the crowds of visitors in the nearby markets increase. There you will find women’s ornaments, various home decor items, and a variety of food items.

Most of the products come from neighboring Myanmar. However, products from Thailand, China, and India are also available.

Various showpieces made of snails and oysters, and various food shops such as Fuchka, Chatpati, and fast food shops are more crowded.

Apart from this, various products are sold by ferry on the beach day and night.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach visitors

About 25 to 30 lakh visitors visit Cox’s Bazar every year. The idea of those associated with tourism, the number of visitors may be more.

Because in recent times, the people of Bangladesh have become more interested in traveling than ever before.

  • Cox’s Bazar sea beach Finest Time to Tour: October to January
  • Finest Time to Visit: The time to visit there’s at sunset and dawn whilst colors change. The beach is crowded with tourists.

The main reason why Cox’s Bazar is popular with tourists is the vastness of this beach.

Tourists are not equal in all parts of this long beach. Laboni Point, Sugandha Point, Kalatali Point, and Dolfin Point are relatively popular in Cox’s Bazar city.

If you don’t like the noise of these densely populated areas, you can walk for miles along the shores of the sea.

Overflowing crowds of Cox’s Bazar visitors can be noticed on any holiday.

Cox’s Bazar can be seen overflowing with visitors on any holiday. It is a very favorite place for those who are thirsty to travel in the country and abroad.

That is why it is not unusual to have a crowd here. That’s why this wide range seems to be less for visitors.

The beauty of Cox’s Bazar sea beach

Cox’s Bazar beach is magical and beautiful. Every day the form of perturbation changes. In summer, monsoon, winter, and spring, its beauty appears in different forms.

Besides, the form of the sea is different in the morning and different in the afternoon. The serene soothing look of the sea in the morning will fascinate anyone.

With thousands of tourists flocking to Cox’s Bazar every day, there is no substitute for an early morning.

The sunrise from Cox’s Bazar cannot be enjoyed very well. Because most of the beaches here are west facing.

But it is like seeing the beauty of Cox’s Bazar at sunset. Of all the variations here, the most enjoyable is the sunset. The daily sunset in Cox’s Bazar is different.

It is difficult to find a similarity between the sunset of one day and the pleasant aura of another. There is also a big difference between the beach weather at dusk and the night conditions.

Due to this unique feature, domestic and foreign tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the sea.

The number of foreign tourists is decreasing day by day. The reason behind this is the lack of a modern tourism system.

So at present, more tourists from Bangladesh are seen than foreign tourists.

World’s new Natural Wonders selection competition

Cox’s Bazar sea beach has topped the world’s new Natural Wonders selection competition several times.

Many feel that the campaign was too short to hold on to the top spot.

As a result, it is no longer in the rankings. However, the dignity of this beach has not diminished a bit. On the contrary, Cox’s Bazar is glowing in its glory.

Cox’s Bazar beach has various means to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Most of the visitors go to the beach and jump on the beach.

For those who do not want to soak in the seawater, there is an opportunity to enjoy the sea by waterbike or horse.

Many sit on benches under umbrellas and enjoy the natural beauty.

Lifeguards in Cox’s Bazar sea beach

Many were in danger of taking a bath on the shady and magical beach. Even quite a few visitors have died.

Lifeguards are engaged in rescue operations in this untoward incident.

Every day from morning till 5 pm, the lifeguard members monitor the safety of the tourists. However, tourists need to be aware to avoid any accidents.

It is not right to go under the knee water in the sea as per the instructions of the tourism authority. But in most cases, tourists do not follow those instructions.

It is also important to know the time of tide and tide before going out to sea.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach maintenance

The Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and the local Sea Beach Management Committee have taken some necessary steps to beautify and maintain Cox’s Bazar beach.

The installation of several changing rooms, bathrooms, and toilets at the beach has benefited the tourists a lot. Even a few years ago, such benefits were not available.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach security

Cox’s Bazar beach security has improved somewhat in recent times. The activities of the tourist police in the interest of the safety of tourists on the beach are commendable.

In the past, tourists had to face various harassment including snatching.

But such incidents do not happen now due to the activities of the tourist police. Even at midnight tourists can roam the sea without hindrance.

Cox’s Bazar marine fishing port in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is the largest marine fishing port in Bangladesh. More than a thousand fishing boats go fishing in the sea from different parts of Cox’s Bazar.

Most of the fishermen bring the fish to the sea and then take it to the fishery wharf in Cox’s Bazar for sale.

However, after fishing in different places of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the view of sharing fish can catch the eye of the visitors.

This type of scene is not seen in popular areas for tourism. That’s why you have to go to a secluded area of ​​the beach. Where visitors do not usually go.

Surfing opportunity in Cox’s Bazar sea beach

Several initiatives were taken in Cox’s Bazar to establish surfing as a popular sport in Bangladesh. But it did not succeed.

The waves of Cox’s Bazar beach are the ideal place for learning to surf. If it was possible to improve the facilities, he could come to Bangladesh from abroad to learn surfing.

So, Cox’s Bazar had the potential to be economically viable if surfing could be made popular.

Since the Rohingya crisis, international NGOs, including many UN agencies, have expanded their reach in Bangladesh.

National and international organizations in Cox’s Bazar

There are offices of several national and international organizations at Motel Road in Cox’s Bazar.

Notable among them are UNHCR, International Organization for Migration, UNICEF, Office of the Commissioner for Refugee Relief and Repatriation, etc.

The tourism industry is playing a very important role in the economic development of Bangladesh.

But excluding Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the development of the country’s tourism industry is unimaginable.

Cox’s Bazar in the pandemic situation

This beach is currently very stagnant in the pandemic situation caused by covid 19.

The Bangladesh Tour Operators Association estimated that there would be a loss of about 57 billion Bangladeshi TAKA in 2020.

This has affected the lives of about four crore people directly and indirectly engaged in this sector. Cox’s Bazar has lost about 20 billion TAKA on Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 alone.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach needs development and protection

From Laboni Point to Kalatali, many buildings have been built along Cox’s Bazar beach coastline.

Experts believe that this is why there have been some breakdowns on the beach that have never been seen before.

Cox’s Bazar beach and St. Martin, the only atoll in the country, have been declared ecological critical areas.

The country’s Supreme Court has banned the construction of buildings in these places.

It has also been ordered to demolish all the buildings built in the restricted area. But those instructions are not being implemented at all.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach does not have the facilities that a world-class tourist destination needs. There is much less than needed.

The communication system of a tourist area is naturally supposed to be the best. But the communication system in Cox’s Bazar is disappointing.

Although the roads in other parts of the city are quite walkable, the condition of the roads in the tourist areas is deplorable.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach pictures

These pictures of Cox’s Bazar sea beach were taken in 2013. Then I did not have the opportunity to go. But I want to see this beauty of nature again.

Coxs Bazar sea beach picture
Important facts about Cox's Bazar beach
Important facts about Cox’s Bazar beach
Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh longest sea beach
Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh longest sea beach
Cox's bazar
Cox’s Bazar
Waterfall near coxs bazar
Waterfall near Cox’s Bazar
Mountain near Coxs Bazar
Mountain near Cox’s Bazar


So, these were some important facts about Cox’s Bazar sea beach. This is not just a place for recreation. It is one of the healthiest places in the world. For the travelers from abroad to come here and enjoy nature to the fullest, integrated initiatives and awareness of all are needed.

Proper branding of this world-famous natural region will further increase Bangladesh’s foreign exchange earnings.

At the same time, Bangladesh will be able to stand tall again in the world.

Therefore, all concerned need to be more careful about its maintenance and promotion. Only then will this traditional travel destination become a lifelong favorite of everyone in the country and abroad.

FAQ: Cox’s Bazar sea beach

Is this place safe?


Is it open now?

Yes. From 19 August 2021, it is open.

Are there any sharks in the water?

No. But if you are lucky, you can swim with Dolphins.

Cox’s Bazar all sea beach and all hotel is open in lockdown?

Yes. Now there is no lockdown. Everyone can travel following the hygiene rules.

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