Beautiful Diabari Lake information with 4 Pictures

Diabari lake is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Dhaka. We are living in the brick and stone city amidst the busyness of mechanical life. We tried to explain its beauty and things to enjoy.

To enjoy the green nature in the afternoon at Diabari lake could be a better way. It can also be called the kingdom of Kans grass or wild sugarcane.

But overall I think Dhanmondi lake is more beautiful and bigger.

Diabari lake location

Diabari lake is situated at Uttara of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Diabari lake is an amazing place to pass vacations.

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Beauty of Diabari

If you visit Diabari in autumn, you will feel as if you have come to the paradise of Kans grass. At the end of the monsoon and the beginning of winter, you will see Kans grass all over Diabari. As far as the eye can see, only Kans grass garden. The vast area is like a state of beauty wrapped in a sheet of whiteness.

Beautiful Diabari Lake information

The roads that go through the middle of the Kans Grass forest look amazing. The inside of the street here is quite secluded. You can ride a bike and see the whole Diabari. And if not, you can travel by rickshaw. The raft of white clouds in the vast blue sky and the celebration of Kans Grass is a special beauty of autumn.

Kans Grass is a herbaceous plant with 15 to 30 cm long clusters. In Bengali, Bhadra-Ashwin month, and English, the time from mid-August to mid-October is called autumn. Only in autumn, you can enjoy the beauty of Diabari.

The beauty of Diabari Lake

Diabari is not just famous for Kans Grass. Throughout the year, many tourists from different parts of Dhaka come to Diabari. There is a bill lake in Diabari for travelers. This lake is a tributary of the Turag river. Diabari Lake has increased the beauty of this area.

Here you will see some plastic-made paddle boats. You can rent a paddleboat on an hourly contract. Each paddle boat has four seats. The boat fare per hour is 200 BDT. Besides, you can spend a wonderful time sitting on the shore of the lake in the afternoon.

Diabari lake pictures

Dia Bari lake
Dia Bari

Diabari lake Bridge

Here is a beautiful bridge built over the lake. From this bridge, you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the winding tributaries of the last afternoon.

Diabari rural fair

In the afternoon, Diabari becomes a complete rural fair. There are various mediums for the entertainment of children, including carousels and wheelbarrows. Here you can experience a colorful afternoon with everyone in the family. Near the shores of Diabari Lake, there are numerous Fuchka and Chatpati shops.

RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project near there

Besides, one of the attractions of Diabari at present is RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project. You can see this project on foot or by rickshaw from Diabari. This area is also known as Panchabati. Eighty-nine buildings have been constructed at a cost of about Tk 9,000 crore. Every building is built in the same way and the design is the same. The total number of flats here is 6636.

Diabari is beautiful during the day. But Diabari at night is terrible. The security system here is not so good yet.


Finally, it can be said that Diabari lake is a beautiful option to relax inside Dhaka. The joy of plastic-made paddle boats and the pleasant breeze with afternoon tea can make your mind better. And if you go in autumn, you will lose yourself in the beauty of Kans Grass.

FAQ: Diabari lake

How to go Diabari uttara?

If you want to go to Diabari lake, you have to go to the Uttara House Building from anywhere in Dhaka. To get to Diabari Battala you will see many Lagunas and rickshaws in front of the Housebuilding Muscat Plaza.

You can also get off the Khalpar directly on the Raida Paribahan bus and take a rickshaw from Khalpar to Diabari Battala. The distance from the house building to Diabari Battala is only three and a half kilometers. The Laguna fare is 30 BDT per person and the rickshaw fare is about 70 BDT.


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