Natural disaster causes | Ways to keep the environment clean

Know Natural disaster causes. Common natural disasters are earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and drought. Also, the ways to keep the environment clean. When the environment changes it’s improperly by itself or by human activities. Deforestation, automobile pollution, and bomb blasting, etc are the reasons for natural disasters directly or indirectly. Natural disaster causes Earthquake An earthquake … Read more

Critical Greenhouse effects 2022

The greenhouse effect is a reason for increasing the temperature of the world. Our climate is changing. Temperatures, in general, are increasing. Because of the greenhouse effect on the planet, sea levels are rising.  The ice is melting at the North and South Poles. The greenhouse effect is one of the reasons. But what is this? At first, … Read more

10 powerful Global warming slogans | Climate change slogans

10 powerful Global warming slogans or quotes with images. These best climate change slogans with images will shake your spine. You will realize everything is not fine. Some of our actions are directly or indirectly related to this situation. Though some natural disasters cannot be prevented. Awareness is very important in this case. Global warming … Read more

Top Automobile Pollution Sources, Vital Effects 2022

Know about Automobile pollution effects, sources and also read how can we control pollution. An automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle, used for transportation. You can learn about the sources, effects, and control of this. It was invented by Karl Benz. He was a German Engine designer. Automobiles are an essential evil, while they’ve made living … Read more