Natural disaster causes | Ways to keep the environment clean

Know Natural disaster causes. Common natural disasters are earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and drought. Also, the ways to keep the environment clean. When the environment changes it’s improperly by itself or by human activities. Deforestation, automobile pollution, and bomb blasting, etc are the reasons for natural disasters directly or indirectly. Natural disaster causes Earthquake An earthquake … Read more

5 natural disasters cannot be prevented | Irresistible calamities

Here are 5 such natural disasters that simply cannot be prevented by humans. These irresistible natural calamities cause serious damage to the earth. When you look at the grand scale of the universe humans are relatively helpless. There is so much that could happen in the blink of an eye that we would be powerless to stop. … Read more

Terrible Hurricane, tornado, cyclone differences

Are hurricanes or tornadoes or typhoons are similar or not? How do you tell the difference between all these natural disasters? Well, fear not, because I have it covered for you right here. First, let us get it straight: all these weather phenomena have to do with strong winds. Not my-umbrella-got-torn-from-my-hands strong, mind you, but … Read more

15 types of natural disasters with survival tips

15 types of natural disasters, know the causes behind them, and how to prevent natural disasters. It can be called an essay on natural disasters. I will refrain from ranking these disasters. In this article under Earth’s problems, we are going to discuss briefly each of the disasters with survival tips. But to give a structure to our Top 15 list, I … Read more