Green Line bus ticket price | Ticket price for 4 luxury classes

Green line bus ticket prices of different classes are here. Such as Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Benapole, and Petrapole. The Green Line bus can be a good option for you to travel from Dhaka to other districts.

Green Line is one of the well-known and best bus companies in Bangladesh. They have buses as well as waterway buses. They have opened a new horizon in road travel in Bangladesh. Their buses are basically perfect for traveling from Dhaka to Sylhet, Chittagong, and Khulna divisions.

Green Line bus ticket price

Greenline bus ticket prices are given for various classes in the below table. Details are given below as well. These pieces of information are collected on Nov 14, 2020. Ticket prices and their service may change. However, there is a possibility of no change.

Arrival and destinationEconomyBusinessDouble DeckerSlipper
Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar1250170020002500
Dhaka to Chittagong  1200 
Dhaka to Sylhet  1200 
Dhaka to Khulna Mawa Ghat (Launch)1000   
Dhaka to Khulna Paturia Ghat (Ferry)1300   
Dhaka to Benapole 1250  
Dhaka to Petrapole 1300 

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To purchase bus tickets visit their website. Here is the website address is given below.

Click here to purchase green line bus tickets

Green Line bus ticket price of different classes for different destinations in detail

Vaious classes of green line bus

  1. Economy
  2. Business
  3. Double Decker
  4. Slipper

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Green Line bus ticket price

Ticket prices vary from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar or from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka Green Line Bus. They basically maintain four qualities. Prices are,

  • Economy class ticket price 1250
  • Business class ticket price 1700
  • Double decker class ticket price 2000
  • Slipper class ticket price 2500

Green Line bus ticket price for Dhaka to Chittagong

According to the latest update in Chittagong, they only provide double-decker service.

  • Double decker ticket price 1200

Green Line bus ticket price for traveling Dhaka to Sylhet

They have a system of double-decker and business class buses for commuting between Dhaka and Sylhet.

  • Double decker ticket price 1200

Dhaka to Khulna Green Line bus ticket price

Their bus goes to Khulna through Mawa Ghat. A bus takes passengers from the Greenline bus counter to Mawa Ghat. They cross the river at launch. There is another bus for them on the other side. That took them to Khulna.

  • Economy class ticket price 1000

If you want to go to Khulna by ferry crossing, you have to go through Paturia Ghat.

  • Economy class ticket price 1300

Dhaka to Benapole and Petrapole ticket price

For those who want to go to Benapole, business class buses are available.

  • Business class ticket price 1250

For those who go to Petrapole, the fare is 50 TAKA more.

  • Business class ticket price 1300

Ticket counter of Green Line Bus

The head counter of Green Line Bus is located at Rajarbagh, Dhaka. There is an air-conditioned waiting room for the convenience of the passengers. In addition, there is a filter for pure drinking water. There are Namaj arrangements for the passengers. There is also a coffee shop. A service room you will find for relaxation. In that room, there are automated massage chairs.

If you want to know more about their system, then they have provided a hotline number. Which is 16557. Phone numbers are,

  • 01730060004
  • 01970060004


So, this was an overview of Green Line bus ticket prices of different classes. Also, we have discussed a little bit about their facilities in ticket counters. You will get more information about them from their website. Lastly, we want to remind you that, you will get an updated schedule and complete ticket booking procedure from their website. Besides we have mentioned a few helpline phone numbers which may update.

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