Comfy Greenline double decker bus ticket price 2022

Greenline double decker bus ticket price and other information are given below. They are providing amazing services to travelers.

Greenline double decker bus has a total of 39 seats, of which 11 are on the ground floor and 28 on the upper floor. It is an air-conditioned business class bus.

Greenline bus company always gives the best service to the bus passengers.

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Greenline double decker bus

The interior of this bus is made in Germany, and the outer body part is made in Malaysia. Outlook is made by SK Automobiles Company. When this bus came to Bangladesh from Malaysia, the seats were not so luxurious or comfortable. Greenline has replaced the seats in a new way.

  • Dhaka to Chittagong Fare is 1300 BDT with Buffet.
  • Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Fare is 2000 BDT with Buffet.
  • Dhaka to Sylhet Fare is 1200 BDT with Buffet.

Where do you get on this bus?

If you want to go from Dhaka to Chittagong or Cox’s Bazar, they will take you to Rajarbagh or Arambagh by a small bus. From there you will get on the bus.

Greenline double decker bus

Greenline double decker bus facilities

The interior design of this bus is very beautiful. There are two central side ACs. One from the back to the middle and the other from the front to the middle.

The small compartments for luggage upstairs inside the bus are fully open, which is half covered on other buses.

This bus has an internet facility. However, you cannot browse other websites except some of their websites.

Greenline double decker bus seat facilities

  • In addition to the seat, you will get an AC controller. With it, you can control the air of the AC
  • There is reading light facility
  • A plastic basket with seats
  • A handle is attached to the seat. You can hold the handle if there is a lot of shaking on the road
  • A place to put your feet down
  • Option for seat folding and leg seat folding
  • The bus seats are made of cloth


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