Luxury Greenline Water Bus Overview In 4 Points

Luxury MV Greenline water bus is a luxury way to travel on the waterway. Provided an overview of their schedule, ticket price, booking counters address, etc.

Greenline company provides water buses. It is an excellent waterway to travel from Sadarghat of Dhaka to Barishal, Bhola, and Teknaf to Saint Martin. We have also traveled once in 2016 by Greenline waterbus from Sadarghat to Barisal.

Greenline water bus

Greenline water buses have an online ticket booking system opportunity. You can buy tickets from their official website. Visit Green Line-E-ticketing to buy tickets. Then select the Cruise option because you want to go by a waterbus. After that select, your departure place (Leaving from), destination (Going to) locations, and Departing date. This is a very fast boat. Anyone can reach their destination in a shorter time than launch.

Read this article on the ticket prices and services of different classes of Greenline buses.

Greenline Water Bus at Sadarghat
Greenline Water Bus at Sadarghat

What is the Greenline water bus time schedule?

After leaving Sadarghat, Dhaka at 8.00 AM it reaches 2.30 pm in Barisal. That means it can be reached within 6 hours. This beautiful water bus left Barisal at 3 PM and reach Sadarghat, Dhaka at 8.30 PM.

Water bus destinationDeparture TimeArrival Time
From Dhaka to Barishal08.00 AM ( Morning )02.00 PM
From Barishal to Dhaka03.00 PM ( Afternoon )08.30 PM
Greenline water bus time schedule

Greenline launch Ticket Price

Barisal to Dhaka Ticket Price

Generally, there are two types of classes for traveling green line launches. The ticket price varies on class type.

  • The ticket price for each seat on the ground floor of the bus is 700 TAKA. This is economy class.
  • The rent for each seat on the upper floor is 1000 TAKA which is business class.

Bhola to Dhaka Ticket Price

They have another route. On that waterway, the water bus travels between Dhaka and Bhola. The rent is much the same. On December 9, 2019, Authority launched its Water Bus 2 service Dhaka to Bhola.

You can get business class tickets from by paying 1000 TAKA and the price of the economy class tickets is 700 TAKA to travel to Bhola. There is a trip that leaves Dhaka at eight in the morning.

It reached Elisha in Bhola at around 2:30. The people of Bhola have been demanding for a long time that they can reach Dhaka quickly. After coming up with such an arrangement, they will now be able to travel easily. In four to six hours, Bhola residents can travel to Dhaka, which is really great.

Dhaka to Bhola contact number

  • Counter in Bhola Sadar : 01730060018
  • Counter in Elisha Ghat: 01730060017

Teknaf to saint martin ship greenline ticket price

Greenline ship 1 can be a simple way to travel from Teknaf to saint martin. Greenline ship Teknaf to Saint Martin ship up and down the ticket price is given below.

  • Economy class ticket price 1500 Taka
  • Buisness class ticket price 1800 Taka

Greenline water bus Ticket counters

Where are the ticket counters in Dhaka?

In Dhaka, you can collect tickets for the waterbus of greenline from the following places.

  • Rajarbagh counter of Greenline bus. Address: 9/2, Outer Circular Road, Momenbagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka.
  • Sadarghat Terminal
  • Apart from this, you can get tickets from all the counters of the Green Line bus located in Dhaka

Where are the Barisal ticket counters?

Find out where you can get greenline waterway tickets in Barisal.

  • Kakroli Road of Sadar Road
  • On the second floor of Yakub Ali Supermarket
  • On the second floor of BDS Market, east of Hotel Arena
  • At Mir Market, Parara Road

You can collect tickets from any counter of this water bus. Apart from this, they have also made arrangements to buy tickets online. Arriving at the launch dock you can collect the ticket.

There are arrangements to purchase an emergency ticket on the water bus. If for some reason you have not purchased a ticket before, you can collect it.

What are the Facilities of Greenline Water Bus?

Their arrangement is very beautiful. After the passengers land at the dock, they complete the cleaning process. It then opens up new passengers to get up. There is an emergency medical room on the first floor. Where you can get minor medical help. And next to the emergency ticket counter.

Greenline Water Bus Seat Facilities

The ground floor is called the first deck where the total number of seats is 400. There are four chairs on the right side row and the left side row.

There are eight chairs in the middle row. The whole area, therefore, has a system of central AC. But there are 200 seats on the upper floor.

Here are two seats on the right and left and 4 seats in the middle. These seats on the upper floor are a little wider. This floor is also called business class.

There are nine televisions on the upper floor and one on the lower floor. They play various dramas, which will take time to watch and you will reach your destination. You will get wifi connection there also.

Greenline Water Bus authority has kept life jackets and fire fighting systems are very important. These can play a very important role in any unforeseen danger. You will get a separate room for prayers which is a great advantage.

Greenline Water Bus Food Facilities

There is a small canteen at Greenline Waterbus where you can find a variety of food. Such as – Sharma (100 TAKA), sandwich (60 TAKA), pizza (120 TAKA), hotdog (90 TAKA), burgers (100 TAKA). You will also find drinks and coffee there. Although the price of food is relatively high.

At the time of the ticket check, they give some food to those who are traveling. Packets of food include a mango bar, biscuits, Chanachur, juice, and water.


Above all, Greenline water buses can be comfortable water vehicles for traveling. It is less risky, comfortable, and costs less. The way you enjoy the beauty of nature while traveling will make your mind better. You won’t feel so good if you travel by launch. I want to travel that way again.

There are very few people who do not like to travel. River travel is very enjoyable. There are many ways to travel by river. Boats, launches, speed boats, etc we all see.

However, Greenline Water Bus bus can be an interesting way to travel. It goes fast but you can reach the destination early. The journey through the launch is less fast than that.

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