Amazing Harbaria Sundarban Eco-Tourism Center tour tips 2022

Harbaria Sundarban eco-tourism center tour tips 2021. Also, see some amazing Sundarban mangrove forest images.

Harbaria Sundarban Eco Tourism Center information with tour tips

Harbaria Sundarban Eco-Tourism Center area is known as the house of the tiger and one of the dangerous areas in Sundarban. The National Ecopark of Sundarban mangrove forest is located in this area.

This region is located on the banks of the river Poshur.

The Harbaria area of the Chandpai Range in the Sundarbans can be reached in three hours from Khulna by the Pashur River. The forest department has developed eco-tourism here. Various species of trees can be seen in this part of the forest.

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Amazing Harbaria Sundarban

It is not possible to walk on the trail without the permission of the forest department. Once you got a travel pass, you will be accompanied by a gunman. As Gunman goes with it, you realize it’s not something to be taken lightly. In Harbaria Sundarban You are very close to the tiger. Tiger footprints are often seen in this spot. So eyes and ears should be kept open.

A rare opportunity to see Indian muntjac can be found here. Harbaria Sundarban is one of the most beautiful and tidy tourist spots in the Sundarbans. There the tourism Center is much improved. In the previous article, I have shared how we traveled Mongla to there. Ok so, read and see this amazing photo of the Sundarban tour.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, we reached Harbaria Sundarban. My Dad heard from local officers that there are more tigers in this area. And also there are Crocodiles, Deer, Forest roosters, forest cats, different birds, etc.

This is the most interesting place in the Sundarbans. Before landing there, the launch driver warned us that the monkeys might eat those foods. So we put the food in a safe place. Then the launch helper had locked the ground floor.

As soon as we got off the launch in Harbaria Sundarban, we saw a lot of monkeys there. Then we went to the front and saw a signboard. There is written about what tourists should do on a trip to the Harbaria Sundarban.

There is some room for tourists to take a break. We went to the washroom there and got fresh.

Then I stood on the first-floor balcony and I saw a monkey going. Then I took pictures of that monkey. The monkey was running and that is why the picture I took was not good.

Then I went downstairs. I was trying to take a picture of a bird. The bird was moving away again and again. Besides, I was scared then. If the tiger comes!

We looked around for a while and took some pictures. We were waiting for two gunmen. When they came we started going towards the inside of Harbaria Sundarban. A little further on I saw a freshwater pond. The pond is under the forest department. It was excavated for forest workers, the public, and wildlife.

A freshwater pond at Harbaria

It was made in 1997-1998, under the operational efficiency enhancement project of the forest department. I saw the pond filled with water lilies. Then we started walking again. After a short walk, Gunman told us to stop. On one side they showed the footprints of a Royal Bengal Tiger.

They said that a tiger came to the place 2 days ago. He further said that the tigers take rest even when they come to the stairs of the rest house. I took this picture of the footprint and then moved forward. A little later we found an animal footprint in another place. That was looking very clear.

We started walking again. Suddenly I saw a deer running from one side to the other. That’s why I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. A little later we saw a wild rooster that ran away.

The whole area has wooden bridges. We were walking on it. Walking over these bridges is not so scary. However, walking on the bamboo bridges of the village is a little scary.

Wood made bridge at Harbaria Sundarban

I took pictures of some breathing roots. This is a special feature of the mangrove forest.

Breathing roots in sundarbans Bangladesh
Breathing roots in Sundarbans Bangladesh

The sunshine was coming through the gap between the two branches of the tree.

Sun rays through trees in Sundarban
Sun rays through trees in Sundarban

Besides, I took pictures of small water bodies like canals.

I took a picture so you can see how the small canal merged into the river.

A small canal merged into the river in Sundarban
A small canal merged into the river in Sundarban

We saw the whole place on foot. At the end of all, we came back to the freshwater pond. We stayed there for a while and took pictures of some water lilies.

Then we came back to that place from where we started walking. Suddenly we saw a monkey sitting near a house built on a wooden deck. I took some pictures of that monkey.

A monkey at Harbaria Sundarbans

The gunman there told us that deer could be seen in one place. To get there we have to go some distance on the launch. We got on the launch and went some distance. Going to a place, the launch driver asked me to take a picture of a scene. From that place, the river merged with a canal.

A river merged with a canal at Harbaria Sundarban

Suddenly from a distance, we saw some deer eating the leaves of the tree. But this time also our luck is not good. Seeing us, they ran away. This time also I failed to take pictures.

Then we came back. Gunman the two went down. We said goodbye to them and left. That was the end of the travel story of Sundarbans Harbaria. Then our destination was Sundarbans Karamjol wildlife breeding center.


The trip to Harbaria Sundarban Eco-Tourism Center was a lot of fun and exciting. However, some regrets seem to have gone away. I thought I would see a tiger and take a picture of a deer. But we went to Koromjol. There we saw deers, crocodiles, and some monkeys also.


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