Why do I like nature photography so much?

I think you have already known I like nature photography so much. I have discussed why I love natural beauty. Also, I have a request.

I like nature photography so much

In fact, no matter where I go, I keep looking for something completely different. Which is a different beauty of nature. The mind becomes happy because of these or taking pictures of rain from home. Especially the raindrops which attach to the balcony after rain. I try to take some pictures of the moment just before sunset by going to the roof of the building.

I like nature photography

I spend most of my time visiting my village home. I go there and try to find the beauty of nature. I always thought everyone would like it a lot. Everyone will want to see the pictures again and again. It’s just that I don’t just collect these. I also took pictures of different trees and flowers. It can be said that this is my true love.

I have a dream. My country is Bangladesh. I wish I could visit many places in my country. I would like to take pictures of beautiful places and keep them in the collection here.

These are, of course, a matter of time. Even then it is my dream. A lot can be done for the dream if there is desire. My friends will probably be by my side. Only then it is possible to try one hundred percent.

I have a request

My request to you is that please don’t push this nature towards destruction. Much of the animal habitat is now lost. Have you ever wondered if it could cause more damage? At the rate at which the forest is being destroyed, Will nature be useful for life?

So be aware from now on and make those who live next to you aware. To save from any pollution right now you have to be more serious about these things.


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