Beautiful Kuakata sea beach | Kuakata travel tips in 4 points

Beautiful Kuakata sea beach information on naming history, sightseeing, tour guide, hotels, resorts, etc. Also, a few tips about traveling in Kuakata is shared.

Cox’s Bazar is the most amazing sea beach. We visited it in 2013. Read about Cox’s Bazar Sea beach from here.

We visited Kuakata sea beach in 2016. And for that at first, we have traveled to Barisal from Sadarghat of Dhaka.

We traveled to Barishal by Greenline waterbus. Then we have traveled to Kuakata from Barisal.

After visiting Kuakata in 2016, we were deprived of the tour for a long time. We haven’t been on a tour of a beautiful place in the country for a long time. After a long wait, we finally had the opportunity to go to the Sundarbans in December 2020.

Beautiful Kuakata sea beach

Kuakata sea beach is a large sea beach in the country located in the Patuakhali district. Especially this sea beach is known as the daughter of the sea. Kuakata, a beautiful beach, is the most famous place to watch the sunrise and sunset from the same place. The sea beach covers a vast area of 15 km in the Bay of Bengal.

Kuakata naming history

There is a history behind the region being named Kuakata. The history of Kuakata is mainly related to the arrival of Arakanese in this country. The word Kua comes from the word Kup. It means well.

It is thought that the Arakanese settled in the region in the eighteenth century after being expelled from Burma by the Mughal emperors. Wells were then dug here to meet the shortage of potable water. It is from this excavated well that the name of this region came to be known as Kuakata.

Kuakata travel tips in 4 points

We have discussed in detail in 4 points how you can travel to Kuakata Sea beach easily. We believe that this information will help you to make the right decisions while traveling there.

How to travel to Kuakata sea beach?

From Dhaka, you can go to Kuakata by launch or by bus.

How to travel to Kuakata sea beach by launch?

If you want to get on the launch, you have to go to Sadarghat. Then from there, you have to go to Barisal by launch. From there you can easily reach Kuakata by bus.

How to travel to Kuakata sea beach by bus?

Those who want to take the bus can get the bus from Gabtali or Mohakhali in Dhaka to Kuakata. It is one of the rarest beaches in the world. The beach is buzzing with the chirping of seasonal birds in all seasons including winter, summer, and monsoon.

Every day many tourists travel by boat from Kuakata to the Sundarbans and some of the nearby islands like Lal Kakra, Shutkipolli, Jhinuk beach, etc.

Best 4 hotels or resorts near in Kuakata sea beach

Samudra Bari resort

The resort has a total of sixteen rooms. These rooms have 13 double beds and 3 single beds. In this hotel, you can stay in a double bed for 1500 BDT. You can stay in a bedded room for a minimum of 1000 BDT.

Hotel Light House

Hotel Lighthouse is located on the north side of Rakhine Market. It is located next to Kuakata Beach. This hotel is nice. The environment around this resort is very open. And because it is so close to the Kuakata sea beach, it is the first choice of many. From now on you can walk to the beach. You can also go by auto rickshaw. Auto rickshaws usually charge 10 BDT per person.

There are a total of 20 rooms. These rooms have 12 double beds and 8 single beds. The rent of the AC room here is 3500 BDT. In many cases, there is a 30% discount.

This hotel has a good aspect. There is an open space on one side of the hotel, where everyone can hang out in the evening.

Hotel Sandy

This hotel is also located on the north side of Rakhine Market. A 3 to 4-minute walk from this hotel will take you to Kuakata Sea Beach. This hotel has multiple AC rooms. If you are looking for a good quality hotel in Kuakata, then this may be one of your best choices. They have a total of 16 rooms there. Among the rooms are 7 AC and 9 non-AC rooms.

The rent of each AC room is 6 thousand BDT. Sometimes they offer a 25% discount. The rent of each non-AC room is 2000 BDT. Rent for a non-AC room with a discount is around 1500 BDT. The decoration of their hotel rooms is very beautiful. The hotel also has an open space with some chairs. You would love to hang out here in the afternoon or evening.

Ocean View Hotel

The last hotel we will talk about is the Ocean View Hotel. It is also very beautiful. Management is the same as the previous three. But it seemed more modern.

Kuakata sea beach information on nearby sightseeing

The names of the sights near Kuakata, the duration of the trip, and the cost per person are given below.

Kuakata and its nearby sightseeings Tour duration(Hour) Rent per person (BDT)
Kuakata to Fatra Forest, Lalkakrar Beach, Shutki Polli 4 250
Kuakata to Fakirhat (Sonakata) 6 400
Kuakata to Sonarchor, Crab Island 10 1100
Kuakata to Laldiar Beach, Fakirhat 9 900
Kuakata to Fatra forest, Fakirhat, Lalkakrar Beach, Shutki Polli 8 500
Sea travel 1 100

Kuakata and its nearby sightseeings

Note that in the case of the reserve, the fare is fixed as a passenger. There are also bike ride facilities. They provide an offer for traveling Leboucher, Jhinuk Beach, Lal Kakrar Beach, and three river mouths. Here total cost for three bikes is 600 BDT.


It takes 15 to 20 minutes from Zero Point to reach Lebuchar. You may feel much better by eating at Lebuchar. You buy them fresh fish and they cook for you. At Lebuchar you will see a lemon forest.

Jhinuk Beach

At Jhinuk Beach you will find numerous oysters. And here you will see the estuary of three rivers. In the distance, you will see some parts of the Sundarbans.

Lal Kakrar Beach

Lal Kakrar Beach has many crabs. This mangrove forest is a part of the eastern part of the Sundarbans. This area is usually underwater at high tide. You will see lots of pneumatophores at Lal Kakrar Beach.

Fatra forest

Fatrar Char is a part of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest. You can rent a trawler from Kuakata Sea Beach to visit this part of the Sundarbans. It takes about an hour to reach Fatrar Char in the Sundarbans by sea. It is known as Fatra Forest. This area has a forest department office in Bangladesh. They will guide you.

The beauty of Kuakata sea beach

When you visit Kuakata beach, you can enjoy nature and the different forms of the sea. And that is why countless tourists from home and abroad come again and again. Visitors travel to Kuakata at different times of the year to enjoy this beautiful beauty of nature.

There is no pressure of artificiality in Kuakata. There is only the long beach. You can see different species of fish in this area.

Another place of interest near Kuakata is the Kuakata Temple. It is located in front of the ancient well of Kuakata. In front of this Buddhist temple, a small group of Rakhine people lives.

The name of the area is Keranipara. The Rakhine women here mainly make a living by weaving cloth. Rakhine winter sheets, lungi, and sarees are very popular. They live a very simple life.

You don’t have to go far to see the sunrise. A two-minute walk from the bus stand will take you to where you can watch the sunrise.

Kuakata Sea beach pictures

Kuakata sea beach
Evening image of kuakata sea beach
Evening image of Kuakata sea beach
Evening at kuakata sea beach
Evening at Kuakata sea beach
Kuakata sea beach picture
Kuakata sea beach picture
kuakata sea beach Evening photo
Kuakata sea beach Evening photo
Kuakata sea beach before Sunset
Kuakata sea beach before Sunset
Kuakata sea beach after sunrise
Kuakata sea beach after sunrise


So, these were a few information of Beautiful Kuakata sea beach of Bangladesh. We have discussed its naming history and a few basic information in detail. We believe these pieces of information might help you while traveling to the daughter of the sea. Thank you.


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