Beautiful Mathiura Tea Estate 2022

Mathiura tea estate in Sylhet division of Bangladesh. This beautiful tea garden is situated in the Moulvibazar.

Mathiura tea estate

Mathiura tea estate is located next to a famous road. This is famous because Madhabkunda can be reached through this road. The waterfall of Madhabkunda is one of the most famous places of interest in Moulvibazar. From Moulvibazar we were going to see the waterfall of Madhabkunda.

At the beginning of the tour in Moulvibazar, we had already visited the Tea daughter Monument. There were also some tea gardens. But this area was beautiful to watch.

Mathiura Tea Estate location

Mathiura Tea Estate location is on the way to Madhabkunda from Moulvibazar. It is situated at Rajnagar of Moulvibazar. This tea garden is lovely to watch.

There is another tea garden nearby. The name of that tea garden is Rajnagar Tea Garden. There are about 166 tea gardens in Bangladesh. Of which 92 are located in the Moulvibazar district. Undoubtedly, this is a matter of pride for Moulvibazar. Both men and women were collecting tea leaves there. They cut young leaves with scissors and put them in a bag on their backs. They are extremely hardworking and brave.

Mathiura tea garden beautiful images

Beautiful Mathiura Tea Estate 2021
Tea Estate
Mathiura tea garden
Mathiura tea estate
Mathiura tea garden in Moulvibazar


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