Natural disaster causes | Ways to keep the environment clean

Know Natural disaster causes. Common natural disasters are earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and drought. Also, the ways to keep the environment clean.

When the environment changes it’s improperly by itself or by human activities. Deforestation, automobile pollution, and bomb blasting, etc are the reasons for natural disasters directly or indirectly.

Natural disaster causes

Natural disaster causes


An earthquake is a natural disaster. The surface of the earth’s crust shakes and vibrates when the energy is released from its core. The intensity of the earthquake is measured by the seismometer.


A volcanic eruption is the explosion of gases and hot lava from an opening in the earth’s crust.


A flood is caused by an overflow of water that covers the land. Flood is caused by heavy rain or by the melting of snow. Flood causes the death of many people in affected areas. People have to live in higher places to save their lives.


Drought is the lack of rain for a long time. Soil becomes dry and cracked when drought comes. Drought causes the death of many people, birds, and animals. 

Ways to keep the environment clean

We should keep our environment clean. If we are surrounded by dirt, dust, and garbage, it will harm our health. 

3RS formula

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is known as the formula of 3RS.


  • We should follow certain rules to reduce the quantity of waste.
  • Use fresh food items and minimize the use of packaged and tinned items.
  • Buy only much as we need at a given time. 
  • Buy goods (Things) that have less packing and are durable(long-lasting).


We have to find new uses for the things that we through away, to reduce the waste. This can be done in several ways.

  • We should minimize the use of disposable articles like plates bowls, napkins, aluminum, foil, etc.
  • We should donate old books and magazines.
  • We should reuse gift wrapping and envelopes.
  • Old magazines, cartoons, paper can be used to make art and craft material.
  • Recycle
  • Have to use the alternatives of plastic. Plastic pollution has become a serious problem in the present situation.

We can convert or reuse those reused items (that are normally through away) into raw material.

That can be used to produce new products.


Recycling also includes an important step is known as composting. 

Growing more trees

We should plant more trees. Trees keep the air fresh and clean. A clean and green surrounding helps us to stay healthy. 

Use Dustbin

Don’t through the garbage in the road. Always through waste in the dustbin. Stop polluting nature.


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