One Dome Singair Mosque | Singair Masjid 11 important facts

Singair Mosque is one of the oldest Mosques in Bangladesh. This Masjid is a wonder of the 15th century.

One Dome Singair Mosque Location

Singair Masjid is situated at Sundar Ghona village of Bagerhat Sadar Upazila. It is located next to Khulna Bagerhat Highway, 150 meters southeast of the Sixty Dome Mosque.

In 1985, Bagerhat district was listed by UNESCO as “City of Historic Mosques, Bagerhat”.

Singair Mosque important facts

  • On October 2, 1985, this historic mosque was declared a protected antiquities.
  • This mosque is square in shape.
  • The length of the arms of the mosque is 12.42 meters.
  • The thickness of the walls of the mosque is 2.13 meters.
  • The mosque has four towers at the four corners. The towers are round in shape.
  • The cornice is slightly curved near the towers.
  • There are three entrances to the east wall of the mosque.
  • The entrances are directional, pointed and arched. These are bound by rectangular frames.
  • There is an entrance on the north and south side walls of the mosque.
  • The central Mihrab is located on the west wall. It has a rectangular projection on the outside part. It rises up to the cornice of the mosque.
  • There is a boundary wall around the mosque. There are four towers at the four corners of the boundary wall. The entrance was on the east side of the boundary wall.

Singair Mosque images

One Dome Mosque
One Dome Singair Mosque image
One Dome Singair Mosque photo
One Dome Singair Mosque
Singair Masjid image
1 Dome Singair Masjid picture


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