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About us

About us

Travel Nature is a blog where we share our travel experiences and various photographs of nature. We love traveling and photography. For example, we have shared the experience of how we have traveled to Karamjol of Sundarban.

About author

Khandaker Monjir-Ul-Morsalin is the author of this blog. He is from Bangladesh. He is passionate about content publishing in Blogger and WordPress. And from that, he started practicing Search engine optimization (SEO) on different CMS. SEO is one of the major factors for publicizing a website properly. He also loves photography.

He started the content writing profession on the blogger platform in July 2018. Published blogs on education, technology, travel, nature, animals, and plants. He has worked at WordPress CMS. However, due to some hosting issues, he felt more comfortable working on Blogger's Blogspot blog.

Now he is also publishing content on YouTube. His channel name is "Basic IT Bangla"

He wants to take SEO as a profession. Because he loves to do various SEO experiments with different SEO strategies. On-page SEO is his favorite.

In the future, he wants to be an SEO expert. Although he has learned a lot in three years. But he wants to know more. He wants to learn from his mistakes and help everyone know their mistakes.

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