Padma bridge Current pictures | Beautiful Padma River 2022

Some Padma bridge Current pictures. The work of setting the span on the pillars of the Padma Bridge has already been completed.

These were taken from the river Padma while crossing.

Some of these pictures were taken on the way from Dhaka to Rampal. The rest were taken on the way back to Dhaka from Rampal. We crossed the Padma river by ferry from Dhaka to Rampal. But on the way back we crossed the river in a speed boat.

My maternal uncle’s house is at Rampal. This time our other special goal was to go from Mongla to Harbaria in the Sundarbans.

Padma bridge Current pictures

Padma bridge picture
Padma bridge
Current pictures of Padma bridge
Padma bridge image
Padma bridge photo


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