Pubail resort club review 2022 | Best resort in Gazipur

Pubail resort club is one of the best resorts in Gazipur of Dhaka. Find some beautiful images of the lake, and nature with some information.

More than 50 resorts have been set up in Gazipur which are being run by various non-governmental organizations.

Pubail resort club basic information

  • Location: Pubail resort club is located in Vadhun village of Pubail Upazila of Gazipur, near the capital Dhaka. If we specify the location more specifically, then it is in plot-801 behind Vadhun School, Pubail College Gate, Pubail, Gazipur.
  • Area: 30 bigha
  • Founder: Sikder Group
Pubail resort club review
Pubail resort club

Pubail resort club contact information


  • 01705555888
  • 01705555999



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How to get to Pubail Resort Club?

The distance from Dhaka to Vadhun in Pubail Upazila is only 21 kilometers.

Take the road on the right from Tongi Railway Station. Mir Bazar will be in front on the way. You have to go straight from the Mir Bazar intersection. This road leads to Vadhun village. A little to the left of the Pubail Rail gate, you will reach Vadhun Bazaar. A little further in front of the market, on the left-hand side of the road, you will see a lake.

You can enjoy fishing in this lake if you want. After crossing the lake, you will see the desired Pubail Resort Club.

Pubail Resort Club overview

Pubail Resort Club is a very nice and pleasant place. After entering through the gate, you will see different flowering trees on both sides. These have enhanced the beauty. There are a few small cottages here. You can take a rest there. There are playgrounds for the kids where they can play. On one side of the field, there is a pendulum to hold any ceremony.

There are walking paths around the field. Your mind will be filled with happiness when you see the beauty there. There is a small lake there. The beauty of the lake cannot be expressed in words.

There are several boats on the lake. If you want to run the boats, you have to paddle like a bicycle. And there is a handle to go right or left. To change direction it has to be taken back and forth.

This beautiful area can be a good choice for any reunion or festival celebration. In this resort club, you will get many benefits at a low cost.

This place has been selected in such a way that people can spend some time away from the noise and air pollution of the city.

Nature lovers and travelers flock here throughout the year.

Pubail resort Gazipur
Pubail resort club picnic spot

Benefits at Pubail Resort Club

  • Cottages
  • Restaurant
  • Kids Zone
  • Tennis court
  • Gymnasium
  • Lake and lake boat
  • Swimming pool

There are various native fruit trees. For example, banana, coconut, litchi, grapefruit, etc. They entertain special guests with these.

Overview of a few Cottages of Pubail Resort Club

The special feature here is the ten Cottage built on the water of the pond. Each cottage at the resort is made of wood. Sitting on the verandah here at night and watching the full moon of the night will make your mind feel better. Not only that. These are beautiful cottages to be lost in nature.

Common facilities

  • Air-conditioned
  • Only service with 100 channels
  • Combination lock
  • Balcony
  • Smoking room
  • Hughes closet space
  • Separate washroom for each room
  • Wardrobe
  • Dressing table with a big mirror
  • Queen-sized beds

Facilities of Tube Rose Cottage

  • It has two rooms connected.
  • Each room has a double bed.
  • It will be the perfect choice for the whole family
  • Cost: Night’s stay will cost 18000 BDT including breakfast. However, other facilities have to be paid for separately

Facilities of Modhumoti 1 Cottage

  • If you stay from 8 am to 7 pm, the rent will be 6000 BDT.
  • If you spend the night, it will cost 9000 BDT including breakfast. However, other facilities have to be paid for separately

At night, if there is no full moon in the cottages, the sky looks dark. However, the environment is resonant with the sound of crickets. Which is very reminiscent of the rural environment.

Pubail Resort Club Restaurant

There is a restaurant in the Pubail Resort Club. They serve delicious and fun food. The restaurant is open seven days a week.

Pubail Resort Club Kids Zone

The Pubail Resort Club has a play area for children. They will enjoy this place a lot.

Tennis court

There is a well-equipped tennis court. You can play cycling, long tennis, badminton in the open field if you want.


There is a gymnasium complete with sophisticated gym instruments. It is located next to the swimming pool.

Pubail resort club lake and lake boat images

Pubail resort club lake
Pubail resort club lake picture
Lake in Pubail resort club
Pubail resort club lake boat
Boating at Pubail Resort Club Lake
Pubail resort club Gazipur

Pubail resort club swimming pool

Now, I will tell you about an interesting thing there. That is the swimming pool. You can swim there. There is also a small swimming area for children. There are some washrooms to freshen up after swimming. Check out some beautiful pictures of this beautiful lake and the boats parked there.

Pubail resort club swimming pool

Many are looking for a little peace in the busy life of a busy city. Many people think that if they get close to nature in a short time, their minds would be better. In this case, Pubail Resort Club can be a much better choice.

Please call them directly. Because prices vary according to the season.

How much is Wooden cottage daylong rent?

10,000 BDT approximately.

Rent for 24 hours?

For Modhumoti 1 Cottage 9000 BDT with food. The night stay will cost 18000 BDT in Tube Rose Cottage.

What are their best rooms?

Their best rooms are, Two-bedroom family cottage, Grand superior room, Deluxe room, Standard room


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