Beautiful Ramna Park in Dhaka 2022

Ramna Park

Ramna Park is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In a mechanical city like Dhaka, it is a little difficult to find a place to find peace.

It is very rare to get a touch of green in a busy city. Sometimes the thought of going somewhere outside Dhaka comes to mind. But is it always possible?

So the little green addresses in the city are the place to take a break after a busy day. One such place is this Park in Dhaka. There are green ceremonies, birds chirping, and fresh air.

Ramna Park location

Ramna Park is located between Kakrail and Shahbag of Dhaka city in Bangladesh. It is everyone’s favorite for the morning walk.

Here you can go in any direction. It has several gates. The place where the gates are located is given below.

  • Shahbag
  • Matsya Bhaban
  • Hotel InterContinental, Dhaka
  • Kakrail

Ramna Park history

It was made in 1949. Ramna Park is surrounded by beauty, serenity, and history. It began its journey in 1610 as part of the Royal Garden. It is said that there were many small gardens, mosques, temples, and tombs around Ramna at that time. Although the Mughals and many of their monuments have been lost, the park remains.

Ramna Park Center Garden

Ramna Park total area 

The area of this park is about 68.50 Acres.  There is an 8076 Acre, 9 meters to 94 short, and 812-meter size long lake in the park. This lake is beautiful and amazing. But last, we visited the Pubail Resort Club and found a lake there. Although its width is less than that of Ramna Park Lake, its length is longer.

Ramna Park visitors

Morning and afternoon joggers always come to jog. There is a designated place for exercise. The park is crowded with visitors and joggers. Besides, many people do not walk on the sidewalk but go through Ramna Park. As a result, there is no need to bother with road traffic and do not have to be bothered by the noise of vehicles.

The beauty of this lake can make anyone’s mind feel good at the moment. If you sit on a bench on the shores of this lake, you will get fresh air. If you sit on a bench on the shores of this lake, you will get fresh air.

The arrival ceremony of the month of Baishakh is celebrated here.

Information of the plants of Ramna Park

At the beginning of it, there were 71 types of plants. From the count of 2005, there are 211 types of plants. Still, there is a lot of plants. Below we have provided an overview.

  • Flower and different beautiful plant species – 87
  • Fruit and national plants species – 36 types
  • Medicinal plant types species – 33
  • Agricultural forestry plant species – 3
  • Forestry plants – 47
  • Aquatic plants species – 2
  • Spice tree species -3

Like this beautiful park, Dhanmondi lake is also an amazing area in Dhaka.

Ramna Park beautiful pictures and videos

Ramna Park in Dhaka
Ramna lake
Beautiful Ramna Park
Beautiful Ramna Park lake picture

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