Sadarghat to Barisal travel | Beautiful river 8 images

Sadarghat to Barisal travel by greenline water bus. Here are some amazing pictures. The View of the river from the green line water bus was lovely.

Sadarghat to Barisal travel

Sadarghat to Barisal travel

Sadarghat to Barisal travel was one of my best experiences. The journey was started from Sadarghat, Dhaka. We traveled by green line water bus from Dhaka to Barisal. Then we traveled to Kuakata sea beach from Barisal the next day. We most likely started the journey at three in the afternoon.

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This is an amazing picture of the green line water bus which was arriving at the Sadarghat river port. We had to wait for a while. They finished the cleaning process and let everyone in. Then we find our seats. Turning around, I saw different places on the water bus. They kept many facilities for passengers. Probably at eight-thirty the water bus left Sadarghat for Barisal.

I was enjoying the trip as well as collecting some pictures of the beauty outside. For example, in this picture, you can see the sky, cloud, river together. At one point they launched some dramas on TV. We were watching it. Some kids were playing and looking around at the outside environment. After a while, they gave lunch and checked the tickets. After a while, they gave lunch and checked the tickets. They gave a petis, an orange, a sandwich, juice, a mango bar, etc.

It is an amazing scene. Cloudy sky, river, nature together from Greenline water bus.

Pictures of sun rays shining through clouds

The sunshine was looking so much beautiful. During the trip, I felt that it was the best of all my previous trips. At about eight o’clock in the night, we reached the naval port of Barisal. Travel is really enjoyable and has many benefits. I always look for opportunities to go on tour. I faced different experiences from that. But that Sadarghat to Barisal travel memory was one of the best in my life. From the greenline water bus, I saw that Sun coming out of clouds before sunset.


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