Sundarbans Travel Guide | Best 7 Sundarbans Tour Companies

Largest mangrove forest Sundarbans travel guide with a list of the best 8 tour companies. We think this tourism guide will be helpful for you.

Along with these, we provided some information about the places to visit in Sundarban Bangladesh.

We had the opportunity to visit Karamjol and Harbaria among these beautiful sights of the Sundarbans. We desire to visit a few more areas of the mangrove forest Sundarbans in front.

Read this article on how we had traveled from Port of Mongla to the Harbaria area of Sundarbans. There we have shared how we visited the total area with the Harbaria Sundarbans travel guide.

Before we provide Sundarbans travel guide we are giving a few information about this forest.


About Sundarbans

The largest mangrove forest Sundarban is the name of a natural wonder. It is one of the most amazing well-known forests in the world. It is an amazing nature for wildlife. The Sundarbans is the name of a natural wonder. It is the largest salty-watered forest in the world. In the year 1874, UNESCO recognized the Sundarbans as a World Heritage Site. This forest covers 164 sq km of waterlogged forests. Where there are small reservoirs and rivers.

The forest is known as the Sundarbans after the name Heritiera Homes ( Sundori tree ). Waterways are the only way to get into the forest.

Sundarban forest location

The Sundarbans is a cluster of low-lying islands in the Bay of Bengal, spread across the coast of India and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, its areas are located in the Khulna, Satkhira, Patuakhali, Bagerhat, and Barguna districts Bangladesh.

The total area of Sundarban

The total area of Sundarbans is about 10,000 square kilometers. It has an area of about 6000 sq km in Bangladesh. In 1997 this mangrove forest was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Animals and plants in Sundarbans

It is home to numerous species of animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, various species of birds, crocodiles, and Chitra deer. There are more in the Sundarbans.

  • About 300 species of plants
  • About 120 species of fish
  • About 218 species of birds
  • 42 species of mammals
  • 35 species of reptiles
  • 6 species of amphibians

In this part of the Sundarbans Travel Guide, we have discussed when, and how to travel will be easier for you.

Sundarbans Travel Guide

At the beginning of this part of the Sundarbans Travel Guide, we want to clear the confusion. Many people do not dare to organize Sundarbans tours due to a lack of more information about Sundarbans travel. Some people think that you can’t go to Sundarbans without a big team.

The first statement is somewhat logical, but it does not make sense that a big team is needed to travel to the Sundarbans. Other travel spots in the country can indeed be visited alone, but the Sundarbans are an exception. To reduce the cost of launch and oil, you have to go in groups.

Sundarbans Travel Guide
Sundarbans Travel Guide

But due to the lack of a proper Sundarbans Travel Guide, many people find this trip difficult and lose interest.

Types of Sundarbans tour

There are three types of Sundarbans tours.

Sundarbans short tour

In this case, the visitors come back only after seeing Karamjol.

Sundarbans Medium Tour

In this case, besides Karamjal, Harbaria is also visited. Time is required for one day.

Sundarbans Long Tour

Spots like Harbaria, Katka, Jamtali Beach, Dublar Char, Hiran Point, Karamjal, etc. are covered in this case.

Places to see in the Sundarbans?

Wonderful forest Sundarbans have a lot of interesting places to visit. Such as,

  • Katka Beach
  • Kochikhali
  • Nilkol
  • Hiron Point
  • Mandarbaria Sea Beach
  • Harbaria
  • Karamjol
  • Dublar Char
  • Dobaki

Of these, Karamjol has the highest number of tourists every year. The Sundarbans are rich in biodiversity. It has various reservoirs covering a different area of 1874 sq km.

Monkey at Sundarban
Beauty of Sundarban
Wood made bridge at Karamjol of Sundarban

There are many small places to visit in these places. These will fascinate you. So you should bring a guide who knows the details of the area of the Sundarbans where you are traveling. The Sundarbans travel Guide will inform you about all the sights. So that you do not miss seeing any sights.

What is the best time to visit the Sundarbans?

You can travel to the Sundarbans in all seasons. Can be a little annoying in the rainy season. But if you travel to the Sundarbans in winter, you will love the beauty of the Sundarbans.

How to travel to the Sundarbans?

In this part of Sundarbans travel guide, we will discuss how to go there? To travel to Sundarbans you have to go from Dhaka to Khulna. In this case, Bus may be a better choice for you. You can also go by train or launch.

Two months, December and January, are regularly packaged by tour operators. If you want, you can go to Sundarbans with others in their package. And if you want to go by yourself, you can go on tour with a few small groups.


From Dhaka, buses of Sohag, Hanif and Eagle Paribahan regularly ply to Khulna from 6 am to 11 pm. It takes about eight hours to reach Khulna by road from Dhaka. From Khulna, you have to go to Mongla port which is about fifty kilometers away from there. Buses and private cars can be good options to travel from Khulna to Mongla.


There are launches of different companies going from Sadarghat in Dhaka to Khulna. You can go to Karamjal of Sundarbans in 2 hours by renting a trawler or launch from Mongla launch ghat. Tides and ebbs may take some time. If you want, you can go to Sundarbans from Mongla in the morning and return to Khulna in the evening. All the arrangements for cooking and eating are made at the launch.

There are two things to enjoy on the Sundarbans tour.

  • Nature
  • Food

Talk to the operators before going to the launch in detail.

In particular, keep in mind the following points.

  • Which type of food will be provided on the ship.
  • Know the names of the places they will take you.
  • Find out the name of the vessel and its fitness information.

It will be better if you make a written agreement with them about this information. In addition, if there is a picture of the ship on the contract paper, the matter will be clearer.

Best 7 Sundarbans Tour Companies

The best way to go to the Sundarbans is to take a package from a good tour company. In this part of Sundarbans Travel Guide, we have provided the names and phone numbers of some of these tour companies.

A moderate tour usually costs 5,000 to 6,000 BDT per person, depending on the quality of the food and the ship. Bookings should be made a month in advance. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get a vessel.

Sundarban Tour Company NamePhone Number
Bengal Tours Limited01552555550
The Guide Tours Limited01711540431
Badaban and OT Ali Vessel01711829414
Silver Wave01713453137
Borsha Tourism01715251963
Sundarban Wonders and Adventures Limited01711439557
Royal Tour by Royal Gondola Vessel01711295738

This information from tour agencies may vary. In many cases, it becomes difficult to get a vessel if you do not book with a travel company a month in advance.

Sundarbans travel costs

TouristFor Inside the sanctuaryOutside the sanctuary
For researchers40

Where to stay on a trip to the Sundarbans?

Accommodation is available in Forest Department Rest houses of various areas in SUndarban. Such as, Kochikhali at Tiger Point in the Sundarbans, Nilkamal at Hiran Point, and Katka etc. The cost will be 3000 BDT per room for Bangladeshi tourists and 5000 BDT per room for foreign tourists. You can also stay in Bagerhat, Mongla, Satkhira, and Khulna.

When traveling in the Sundarbans, keep safe water with you. Because there is no source of drinking water in the Sundarbans. Also, take these things with you.

  • First aid equipment
  • Necessary medicines
  • Experienced Sundarbans Travel guide
  • Skilled and armed wild guards

This was our Sundarbans Travel guide. We hope from here you have got the information you are looking for.


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