Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla | Beautiful river 12 photos

Our tour of Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla was really amazing. Here is a travel story of traveling Mongla to Harbaria with some amazing photos. Harbaria Eco Park and Tourism Center of Sundarbans is located on the banks of the Pashur River.

We have shared 12 pictures. These were taken while traveling Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla.

Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla

We decided that we will start our Tour of Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla in the morning. On the last day of last year i.e. 31st December 2020, we went to Sundarbans.

It was winter then and that is why the weather was so cold. The atmosphere was very foggy. We intended to go to two places. The first stop on the trip was Harbaria. The second place was Karamjal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Read the information of Harbaria Sundarbans Eco-Tourism Center with tour tips from this link.

Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla

At first, we went to the Port of Mongla. From Rampal, we went to Mongla. The road from Bhaga in Rampal to Mongla port was not good. Which took us a little longer to get there.

Port of Mongla

We rented a launch to go to the Sundarbans. Before boarding the launch we bought some food. We also brought khichuri from home.

There were four of us in our family and my uncle’s family was with us. And we had an uncle from the Upazila office and his PA. We left Mongla around 10 am for the Sundarbans.

Watch this video of traveling Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla.

The surrounding environment looked very beautiful. I have saved many amazing nature pictures.

Although I was lost in seeing the beauty of nature. The driver of our launch was singing and controlling the direction.

Sometimes I forgot that I had to take pictures. Many launches and ships were seen. I saw that many ships were leaving. Some ships were standing then.

Again some ships were going to the specified place with the goods. I was seeing the beauty of the Sundarbans from the river.

A lot of beautiful scenes I have seen. One is 2 fishermen trying to catch fish from the boat.

But one of the most amazing scenes I have saved. A woman was boating. That is, she was sailing the boat in heavy waves on the river. Which shows how difficult it is for them to survive.

Occasionally our launch was shaking in the water as a result of leaving a huge ship. Suddenly I saw some monkeys from the river bank. They looked at us in amazement.

Three people and three monkeys are looking at each other. That was really funny and an exceptional photograph. 

On the way, we saw the Karamjol of Sundarbans which is a breeding center for wildlife. Everyone said we would spend some time there on the way back from Harbaria later.

There was a beautiful view. The deer of the Sundarbans made art by eating the leaves of the Sonneratia Mangrove tree. It looked very nice because the deer could not eat the leaves above a level.

Sonneratia Mangrove tree eaten by deer

Then below I gave pictures of two ships. The smaller ship was tied to the larger ship. The smaller ship was the MV IREM 5. The big ship was SANDPIPER-Bulk-Carrier.

After a journey of about two and a half hours, we reached the harbaria of the Sundarbans from Mongla.

Harbaria Eco Tourism Center

The tour of Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla was memorable. Then we visited different places in Harbaria. I have tried to present that in another article which is mentioned above.

Our main focus was visiting the areas in Harbaria. But the tour of Sundarbans Harbaria from Mongla has given us a lot of pleasure. The lifestyle and hard work of the people making a living in the Sundarbans is really commendable. The beauty of the river and the riverside forest fascinated us a lot.


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