Beautiful 10 Padma River Images

Padma river is a major river in Bangladesh. The bank of the river is situated in Rajshahi. Here are some beautiful Padma river images. Currently, a bridge is being built over the river Padma. Its construction work is much finished. See these beautiful Jamuna rivers photography collections with some facts. Padma River Images

8 Important facts about the river Jamuna

8 Important facts about the river Jamuna. Also, see these 3 pictures and an amazing video of the riverside. The Jamuna is one of the three major rivers of Bangladesh. It is the main tributary of the Brahmaputra river. Jamuna River history Formerly the name of the Jamuna river was Jonai. Natural disasters like earthquakes … Read more

Amazing Jetty Ghat Park Jagannathganj 2022

Some of the histories of Jetty ghat park of the river Jamuna. Once it was a famous ship’s wharf for business. It is also known as Jagannathganj ghat. Lastly, we provided some beautiful photographs of this area. Jetty Ghat Park, JFCL location Jetty Ghat Park is located in Sarishabari Upazila of Jamalpur district in Bangladesh. … Read more

Sadarghat to Barisal travel | Beautiful river 8 images

Sadarghat to Barisal travel by greenline water bus. Here are some amazing pictures. The View of the river from the green line water bus was lovely. Sadarghat to Barisal travel Sadarghat to Barisal travel was one of my best experiences. The journey was started from Sadarghat, Dhaka. We traveled by green line water bus from Dhaka to … Read more