Patenga Sea Beach Important Facts | 6 tips to visit Patenga

Here are a few important facts about Patenga sea beach. Besides, provided a few tips for traveling there and a list of the 10 best hotels near Patenga.

The next day after visiting this sea beach we went for a trip to Cox’s Bazar beach. But after that, we got a long break from traveling. Next, in 2016 we have visited the beautiful Kauakata Sea beach.

Click here to know about Kuakata sea beach in detail. Also provided a few tips for traveling there.

Patenga Sea Beach Important Facts

Patenga sea beach in Chittagong is a beautiful area to visit in your leisure time. If the question is, which is the most popular tourist area in Chittagong? Then everyone will say in one word Patenga beach of Chittagong. Days go by, months go by, and years go by but the beauty of Chittagong beach does not diminish at all.

Going a little further inwards you will see a high dam. A beautiful road has been built over it. It is known as the Outer Ring Road. However, the beach is no longer the same. Much has changed. There has been a massive swap of beaches for the Outer Ring Road in Patenga.

This road is from Patenga beach to Fauzdarhat in the city. This Outer Road in Chittagong City is 17 km long and 33 feet high. The city dwellers are hoping that if the road is fully constructed, the traffic congestion in the city will be alleviated to some extent.

The viewpoint of Patenga beach has been redesigned to make it more beautiful. As a result, the number of visitors is increasing and they love it more and more.

People of all generations come here to visit. Lots of visitors flock to see the sea, especially on holidays. The number of visitors increased in the late afternoon.

You can stand on the railing and see the sea. There are also blocks made of concrete just below the railings. Tourists come here to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea. Also, enjoy many more beautiful views.

Innumerable ships, big and small, in the distance, the waves of the sea crashing into the blocks made of concrete will fascinate everyone. When it is low tide, you can walk along the shore. At that moment everyone goes down to the shore and enjoys soaking in the seawater. The beauty of the sea with the clouds floating in the sky can make your mind better.

The small ships are located near the shore. Larger ships are a little farther away which are not usually seen from shore. Smaller ships carry goods on larger ships. Larger ships then leave the port for other countries.

6 Tips to visit Patenga sea beach

We have provided the information listed below in this section.

  1. Patenga beach location
  2. How to get to Patenga from Dhaka?
  3. List of 10 best nearby hotels on Patenga beach
  4. Market and food shops near Patenga beach
  5. Afternoon beauty at Patenga sea beach
  6. Evening beauty at Patenga Beach

Patenga beach location

Patenga Sea Beach is situated in Chittagong of Bangladesh. It is located at the mouth of the river Karnafuli.

How to get to Patenga beach in Chittagong from Dhaka?

Dhaka to Chittagong

There are several ways you can travel from Dhaka to Chittagong. There are several ways you can go from Dhaka to Chittagong. You can go to Chittagong by any means of bus, train, and airline.

Chittagong to Patenga

Patenga beach is located just 14 km from Chittagong point. The distance from Dampara in Chittagong to Patenga Sea Beach is about 16 km and approximately takes an hour and 30 minutes to reach.

If you take a CNG autorickshaw from Dampara, it can cost 250 BDT. In addition to CNG autorickshaws, metropolitan buses are also available. You can go to Patenga Sea Beach by bus at a very low cost.

It may take a little longer to arrive now due to the flyover’s work in progress. Besides all freight vehicles coming to Patenga beach pass through the road here. Traffic jams are caused due to the movement of cargo vehicles on the road. But to see something beautiful, this hardship can be accepted.

List of 10 best Patenga sea beach nearby hotels

  1. Radisson Blu Chattogram Bay View
  2. Hotel Agrabad
  3. Well Park Residence
  4. Foys Lake Resort
  5. Brisa Marina
  6. Hotel Saint Martin Limited
  7. Meridian Hotel & Restaurant
  8. Naba Inn
  9. The Alina Hotel
  10. The Peninsula Chittagong

Market and food shops near Patenga beach

You will find some Burmese markets and food shops near Patenga beach in Chittagong. Earlier these markets and food shops were on the inside of the dam.

At present these have been brought out. There are many small food shops in the food zone. You will find crabs and piazu in these food zones. You can take a test of crab fry here if you wish.

Afternoon beauty at Patenga sea beach

In the afternoon you can spend some fascinating time here. You will be amazed at the number of ships on the seashore. If you want, you can increase the level of happiness by soaking your feet in the water. Also do not miss the opportunity to travel in speedboats and wooden boats. However, care must be taken in this case. There were several horses. If you want, you can ride a horse for 20 BDT.

Evening beauty at Patenga Beach

The sunset here in the evening will make the mind more enchanted. You will like the evening atmosphere there the most. The beach at night looks strangely beautiful.

The beauty of the sea is enhanced in a different way when the street lights are turned on in the evening. Many tourists wait till evening to see this beauty.

You will like the neon lights of distant ships. You will not want to return to your city after seeing the beach in the afternoon and evening. But you have to go back.

Patenga Sea beach images

Patenga Sea Beach Important Facts
Patenga Sea Beach
Chittagong Patenga
Patenga Beach


So, these were a few important facts about Patenga Sea Beach. We have provided some information for traveling to Patenga. For example, how you can reach there and a list of few best nearby hotels where you can stay. We hope this information will help you a lot while traveling to Patenga beach.

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