Jamuna River view from Jagannathganj Ghat
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Amazing Jetty Ghat Park Jagannathganj 2021

Some of the histories of Jetty ghat park of the river Jamuna. Once it was a famous ship’s wharf for business. It is also known as Jagannathganj ghat. Lastly, we provided some beautiful photographs of this area.

Jetty Ghat Park, JFCL location

Jetty Ghat Park is located in Sarishabari Upazila of Jamalpur district in Bangladesh. It was once one of the major river ports in Bangladesh. JFCL is the short form of Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited.

How to go to Jetty Ghat Park from Dhaka?

First of all, you have to go from Dhaka to Tarakandi of Jamalpur. Then you can go to Jetty Ghat Park easily.

You can go to Tarakandi in different ways from Dhaka.

Tarakandi By train

The following trains run from Dhaka to Tarakandi.

  1. Agnibina Express
  2. Jamuna Express
  3. Jamalpur Express

Find out Tarakandi Intercity Train Schedule from Dhaka from this link.

Tarakandi By bus

Some buses run from Dhaka to Tarakandi. However, the quality of the buses is not so good. However, the service of a few buses is quite good. Such as Tushar-Tuhin, Jamuna Fertilizer Company’s bus service is relatively good.

If there is no traffic jam, it can take about 5 hr 30 min to go from Dhaka to Tarakandi by bus.

From Tarakandi, you have to travel six kilometers by CNG autorickshaw to reach Jetty Ghat Park. This may take about 20 minutes.

However, it will be easier for you if you go to Pingna of Sarishabari Upazila without going to Tarakandi. From Pingna you have to go two and a half kilometers. In this case, it may take 6 minutes. In our opinion, this will be the best.

Previously this area was known as Jagannathganj Ghat.

Jagannathganj Ghat naming history

This Jagannathganj ghat was named after Jagannath Babu. He was a social worker and zamindar of a water palace in the British period. The name of the present ‘Jagannath University’ and ‘Jagannath Hall’ of Dhaka University are kept according to his name.

Numerous rivers and tributaries are flowing in this country. Of which Jamuna river is much more well-known river. The entire Jamalpur district was connected to the outside world through the Jagannath Ganj river port. This made it easier for traders and passengers to cross from Jagannath ganj river port to Sirajganj ghat, Bahadurabad ghat, and Fulchhari river port. And it became the most popular.

As a result, different kinds of fruits used to come to Jamalpur by water and land. For example, mangoes of Maldaha, Fazli, Ashwini, Lengra, and Rajbhog varieties were transported from Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj. Different species of fish were exported from the Jamalpur region to the country and abroad.

At Jagannath Ganj, Naval Port Railway wagons are used to transport various important goods at a low cost. For example, fuel oil, various fertilizers, agricultural products, rods, cement, stone, construction materials, etc.

These could be brought and taken very easily. And the train would pass through the ferry. This river port was crowded with thousands of passengers every day.

Jagannath Ganj river port in the pages of history

In 1970, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the public leader of Bangladesh, addressed a huge public meeting on the independence movement and the six-point movement of Bangladesh at this seaport.

During the war of liberation in 1971, the Pakistani aggressors built a bunker at the Jagannath Ganj river port. They then entered the surrounding areas and launched an operation. They shot innumerable people standing on the platform of the ghat and threw them into the river Jamuna. The Bahadurabad river port of Dewanganj was also the site of a massacre by the Pakistani aggressors at that time.

This river port was easy to navigate in the surrounding areas including greater Rangpur, Bogra. That is why the Pakistani aggressors captured this river port. They brought innumerable innocent, common people to the seaport and brutally killed them. They set up a torture cell here to capture and punish the freedom fighters.

On 30 July 1971, the Pak army started fighting with the freedom fighters at Bahadurabad Ghat. On the third day of the battle, the freedom fighters cut off the rail link between Jamalpur and Bahadurabad seaport. They then quickly defeated the Pakistani forces and recaptured the port.

Jetty Ghat Park present video and a few pictures

Jetty Ghat Park
Jetty Ghat Park
Wonderful Jetty Ghat Park
Wonderful Jetty Ghat Park
Jetty Ghat Park picture
Jetty Ghat Park picture
Jamuna River view from Jetty Ghat
Jamuna River view from Jetty Ghat
Jamuna River
Jamuna River
Old Jagannathganj Ghat
Old Jagannathganj Ghat
Jamuna river from Jetty Ghat
Jamuna river from Jetty Ghat
The present picture of Jetty Ghat at Jamuna river
The present picture of Jetty Ghat at Jamuna river


At that time, present Jetty Ghat Park was buzzing with people. It is now silent. Even a few years ago it was known as a favorite place to visit. At present, the number of visitors has decreased. Its history should be made public. Banners should be kept for detailed information and its history. And of course, appropriate steps must be taken to maintain the historic site.

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